White haired fox villain

whitehairedfox White haired fox villain


When it come to villains in Kung fu Cinema, the “ White haired fox” villain was one of the nastiest.  The “ White haired fox” villain was a very popular type of character in Kung fu Cinema.  They would come to town and just wreck sh….t.

He would be that dude with the bad ass attitude killing everybody in his way with his incredible kung fu skills.  Of course at the end he would get his but in the meantime watch out.

There were a few martial arts actors that personified that role.  Hwang Jang Lee, Chang Yi, Lo Lieh, and Carter Wong to name a few.

So check out my list of the top 10 kung fu films which the “White haired fox” is the villain.


1. Fist of the White Lotus

2. Secret Rivals

3. Born Invincible

4. Invincible Armour

5. Avenging Eagle

6. Eagle’s Claw

7. Snuff Bottle Connection

8. 18 Fatal Strikes

9. 7 Steps of Kung fu

10. 18 Jade Arhats

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  • MorpheusBlade

    I totally agree with your assessment.  I humbly submit two other “Silver Foxes” that rocked: “Eagle” Han-Ying (“Death Duel of Kung-Fu,” “Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick”) and Kao Fei (“Enter Three Dragons,” “Man Hunt”).  

    Han-Ying (R.I.P.) was an old-school Bootmaster that nearly beat John Liu and Wong Tao in “Death Duel of Kung-Fu.”  

    I’ve seen many Kao Fei movies but “Enter Three Dragons” is one of his best.  The film gets no respect because it’s focus is 3 Bruce Lee “imitators” that ultimately battle Kao Fei.  Despite the film getting dissed, it is one of the best, old-school, “kicking back at a theater on 40-deuce on a Saturday” type Martial Arts film ever mainly because of Kao Fei, Dragon Lee, Philip Cheung, Cheung (“Karado, The Hong Kong Cat”) Nick and Sammy Walls.

    BTW: Love your site and I hope to visit your store on day.

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